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Ange Postecoglou blames Spurs fans for Man City defeat



Ange Postecoglou blames Spurs fans for Man City defeat

Ange Postecoglou does not sell games, not even if it stops his club’s greatest rivals from achieving their goals.

The Tottenham Hotspur manager during the game versus Manchester City, was caught in a heated exchange with a Tottenham Hotspur fan asking him to throw the game away to allow Pep Guardiola’s side a free ride to the premier league title.

The incident unfolded at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Tuesday, where Spurs needed a win to maintain their top-four aspirations but ultimately suffered a 2-0 defeat.

The match, critical for Tottenham’s quest for a top-four finish, was marred by a noticeably subdued atmosphere. The Australian manager was taken aback by the notion that some Spurs supporters would prefer their team to lose if it meant damaging the title hopes of their North London rivals, Arsenal.

Before the game, Ange Postecoglou was seen on video engaging in a confrontation with a fan behind the dugout. He was heard saying, “What did you say, what did you say before that? I wanted to know who you are.” According to social media reports, the supporter was urging Tottenham to throw the game.

The situation on the pitch did little to lift the mood, with Erling Haaland scoring the opener in the 51st minute, prompting home fans to chant, “Are you watching Arsenal?”

In his post-match comments to the BBC, Postecoglou acknowledged the impact of the peculiar atmosphere on his players.

“Of course it does. It is what it is. I can’t dictate what people do. They’re allowed to express themselves any way they want. But yeah, when we’ve got late winners in games it’s because the crowd’s helped us.”

He further reflected on the club’s current state, saying,

“The foundations are really fragile. The last 48 hours have shown me that. It’s inside the club, outside the club. Outside, inside, everywhere. It’s been an interesting exercise. It’s just my observations, mate.”