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115 charges: “We want to be judged by facts” — Manchester City



115 charges: "We want to be judged by facts" -- Manchester City

Manchester City Chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak has publicly addressed the 115 charges leveled against the club by the Premier League, emphasizing frustration but urging respect for due process.

The charges, announced in February 2023, allege breaches of financial rules spanning from 2009 to 2018, including some related to UEFA regulations. As Manchester City vehemently denies the accusations, they have also initiated legal action against the Premier League’s Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules, claiming discrimination.

In an end-of-season interview conducted with Manchester City’s official website, Al Mubarak expressed his discontent with the ongoing narrative surrounding the charges.

“Of course it’s frustrating, the references to [the charges] are always frustrating… having it being talked about the way it’s been talked about,” he stated.

Al Mubarak acknowledged the toll this has taken on the club’s fanbase and everyone associated with Manchester City, emphasizing the club’s commitment to being judged by facts rather than claims or counter-claims.

“We, as a club, have to respect that there is a process that we have to go through, and we’re going through it. It’s taking longer than anyone hoped for, but it is what it is,” he added.

This sentiment underscores City’s resolve to navigate the legal complexities while maintaining their stance on innocence.

Manchester City’s legal action challenges the Premier League’s APT rules, which aim to prevent clubs from securing commercial deals with entities linked to their ownership.

According to a legal document reported by The Times, the club argues that they are victims of discrimination and that the rules are unlawful. While City has refrained from commenting on the specifics of the lawsuit, their legal challenge signifies a broader effort to clear their name and protect their operational integrity.

As Manchester City battles the Premier League, their primary aim remains to uphold their reputation and continue their success on the field.

“I’ve always repeated that in every interview I’ve done – let’s be judged by the facts and not by claims or counter-claims.”

The club seeks to demonstrate transparency and fairness in financial dealings, striving to ensure that judgments are based on concrete evidence. Al Mubarak’s remarks reflect a broader commitment to due process and a fair resolution, as City looks to emerge unscathed from these allegations and continue their trajectory of excellence in English football.

While the club stands firm on its innocence, the resolution of these charges will undoubtedly have significant implications for both Manchester City and the broader landscape of English football.