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They have zero mentality — Rodri mocks Arsenal, Liverpool again



They have zero mentality -- Rodri mocks Arsenal, Liverpool again

Manchester City midfielder Rodri has reiterated his critical assessment of Arsenal and Liverpool’s mentality in the Premier League title race. City’s triumph over Arsenal by two points secured their record fourth successive Premier League title.

During the championship parade through Manchester, Rodri praised his team’s relentless mentality.

“To have that mentality until the end with Arsenal and Liverpool [on our tails]. They had an unbelievable season until the end. But [us] keeping that mentality until the end is unbelievable,” the Spaniard remarked.

Rodri’s comments, though seemingly innocuous, follow his previous remarks suggesting Arsenal lacked the mental fortitude to surpass City in the title race.

Speaking to Optus Sport, Rodri emphasized the importance of mentality in achieving consistent success.

“To be honest, I think it’s in here,” he said, pointing to his head. “It’s the mentality.”

He elaborated,

“Arsenal, also they deserve [to win the league], they did an unbelievable season, but I think the difference was in here [pointing to his head again]. When they came here, they faced us at the Etihad, I saw them and said: ‘Ah, these guys, they don’t want to beat us, they just want a draw.’ And that mentality, I don’t think we would do it the same way.”

Rodri credited City’s unwavering mentality as the key to their success. “If you give us one point, we will win the last seven, or eight games even though it’s so tough. So I think it comes down to mentality.”