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115 charges: New development rises in Manchester City battle



115 charges: New development rises in Manchester City battle

The ongoing legal tussle between Manchester City and the Premier League has taken a significant turn as the hearing for City’s alleged 115 breaches of financial regulations is set for November. This follows a four-year investigation accusing City of violations over nine seasons, from 2009/10 to 2017/18.

Manchester City have been charged with breaking financial regulations, providing inaccurate financial information, and failing to cooperate with the investigation.

The Premier League champions strenuously deny all charges and have initiated legal action against the Premier League, challenging the Associated Party Transaction (APT) rules as unlawful in a 165-page document.

A private two-week hearing will address the APT matter, and its outcome could influence the primary case. In a pivotal development reported by The Times, senior Premier League figures must disclose various forms of communication dating back to 2009.

Text messages and emails referencing Manchester City are to be handed over for analysis by the independent commission. This ruling affects current Premier League chief executive Richard Masters and his predecessor, Richard Scudamore, among others.

Legal expenses for the Premier League have soared from £5 million to £20 million over the past year due to the extensive legal battle against City.

On their part, Manchester City have enlisted the services of Lord Pannick KC of Blackstone Chambers, whose fees range between £5000 and £10,000 per hour. Pannick has successfully represented City twice before, including the high-profile case against UEFA in 2020.