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“2Face has inferiority complex towards me” — Blackface



"2Face has inferiority complex towards me" -- Blackface

2Face Idibia has inferiority complex towards me, former member of Plantashun Boiz group, Blackface alleges.

Dancehall singer and former member of the now-defunct Plantashun Boiz group, Ahmedu Augustine Obiabo, famously known as Blackface, has attributed the long-standing feud between him and his former bandmate, 2Face Idibia, to 2Face’s feelings of inferiority.

In a recent interview on ‘The Honest Bunch Podcast,’ Blackface disclosed that he maintains a cordial relationship with another former bandmate, Faze, but pointed out that it’s 2Face’s insecurities that have perpetuated their ongoing discord.

Expressing a desire to finally put the past behind them, Blackface emphasized his willingness to forgive 2Face for any perceived or unintended wrongdoings.

He further extended a plea to 2Face, urging him to reciprocate the forgiveness.

Blackface stated,

“I and Faze are cool. Maybe 2Face has an inferiority complex towards me.

“It is time to bury the hatchet. I forgive 2Face for everything he has done to me, knowingly and unknowingly. He should also make space to forgive me for anything I have done.”