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10 reasons we so love Adesua Etomi!



We believe everyone loves Nigeria’s sweetheart, Adesua Etomi, but what makes the Adesua’s leading lady so lovable?

Here are our top 10 reasons.


1.Her acting skills are on fleek

She won our hearts alongside Banky in ‘The Wedding Party’ among other Nollywood movies

Whether it’s fighting for her rights in ‘The Arbitration’ or falling in love in ‘The Wedding Party’, Adesua has proven to us time and again that she knows how to command the screen. There is nothing more inspiring than a young lady who is a master of her craft.


2. She’s down to earth

A quick glance of Susu’s social media accounts and you will put one and two together. She always keeps things real and if you’ve ever read any of the interviews she’s granted, you’ll know that Adesua is a genuine personality.


3. She slays all day everyday

From red carpets to photo shoots to running around Lagos, Adesua never disappoints. She rocks whatever she’s wearing with or without a glam squad. What’s more? She does it so effortlessly and we can’t get enough of it.


4. She rocks her natural hair

Ms. Etomi makes this trend look so good! She never fails to put a new spin and twist to the hairstyle. Adesua is always serving some serious naturalista inspiration.


5. She’s simply stunning

Let’s face it. At the end of the day, everybody loves a fine girl. The facial aesthetics of this Edo beauty coupled with her radiant fair skin makes Adesua a face we will not get tired of seeing.


6. Susu is South Paw

That’s right! Banky’s wifey uses her left hand for basically everything. In a recent interview, Adesua revealed that she is left handed. She is also let us know that ‘My mum is a pastor and I sang in a choir for 10 years.’


7. She keeps things chic and simple

The Nollywood actress once said, ‘I’m not a fan of handbags and jewellery.’ Ornaments aside, Susu’s style is always easy and breezy. She always keep things flawless and breezy, and that’s one of the reasons she has our hearts.


8. Susu can sing!

Banky’s wife-to-be may be featuring on one of his tracks in the nearest future and we won’t be surprised. Why? Adesua has some pipes on her. Don’t believe us? Check out the video above and become a believer.


9. #SusuForJesus

This should come as no surprise, given the fact that Susu’s mother is a pastor and she grew up singing in a church.


Adesua’s always quick to discuss her faith whenever it comes up in an interview, she never shies away from letting us know that Susu is for Jesus.


10. She’s going to become an Iya Ibeji very soon

Okay, we know it’s not real. Adesua’s character in ‘The Wedding Party 2’, Dunni, is going to be the mother of twins in the highly anticipated sequel. And Susu looks so beautiful as an expecting mother, don’t you think?

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