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“You won’t live long” — Kanayo shows Nigerians the scope



"You won't live long" -- Kanayo shows Nigerians the scope

Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo stands up to challenge the current trend among a plethora of Nigerian families, specifically parents who turn a blind eye to virtue and good parenting in exchange for free spirited money.

Sounding a cautionary note to parents, the Nollywood veteran urges parents to be vigilant about accepting monetary gifts from their children without questioning the source.

The actor’s admonition came during a recent event and has since gained traction on social media platforms.

In a viral video clip circulating online, Kanayo emphasized the importance of parents proactively engaging their children about the origins of their possessions.

He expressed concern that a lack of curiosity from parents regarding their children’s financial activities could inadvertently foster corrupt tendencies among them.

Addressing the audience, Kanayo underscored the need for parents to exercise discretion, particularly when presented with expensive gifts from their offspring without apparent justification.

The actor’s remarks carried a stern tone as he highlighted a hypothetical scenario:

“Your daughter is 20, she is using a phone of N1.5 million, then she gives you N100,000, and you fail to ask questions about the source. You wouldn’t live long.”

Kanayo further cautioned against turning a blind eye when children who are not gainfully employed suddenly acquire significant assets like money or cars.

He emphasized the potential risks associated with such indifference, stressing the importance of parental involvement in instilling ethical values and accountability.

“I’m warning you,” Kanayo reiterated, signaling the gravity of the issue at hand.