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“I am so detached from Nigeria” — BBNaija’s Doyin showboats



"I am so detached from Nigeria" -- Doyin showboats

It takes a lot being a Nigerian these days, and it takes even more not feel the harsher realities of being Nigerian, for Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) star, Doyin, she is of the latter spec.

The reality star, whose real name is Doyinsola Anuoluwapo David, but better known as Doyin, shared her unique perspective on Nigeria’s economic struggles, which in all scope of things, contradicts the realities of the common folk.

According to the reality star, she shares that she only hears about the country’s hardship but hasn’t experienced it firsthand.

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The BBNaija alum opened up about her detachment from the daily realities faced by many Nigerians during a recent podcast interview with YouTuber Olufemi Daniel.

Doyin confessed to being oblivious to the prices of commodities and the economic hardships that most Nigerians endure.

“I am the most detached Nigerian you can ever meet. I don’t even know what is happening. I don’t know the price of anything. I don’t go to the market. I send my chef and they don’t tell me what the price is,” she said, highlighting her reliance on domestic staff for her shopping needs.

While she acknowledged the increasing costs of luxury items such as wigs, makeup, nails, cars, and houses, Doyin admitted her unfamiliarity with the price of everyday necessities.

"I am so detached from Nigeria" -- Doyin showboats

“I hear there’s hardship in the country and I sympathise with Nigerians. I’m sure that it’s tough. I know because wigs are more expensive. Makeup, nails, cars, houses, everything is more expensive. Those things I know. But I’m not really into tomatoes… I’m sure food is expensive.”

The reality star shared a poignant memory of her visit to a market in Ogba, which left a lasting impression on her.

“I also went to the market one time at Ogba, and I cried that day because I saw how people were suffering. People were reacting to N50,000 like it was N5 million. That shows how badly people are suffering.”

Expressing her sympathy for the average Nigerian, Doyin said,

“It’s very sad. We hope that we’ll have a country one day where the average Nigerian can at least feed. That should be the basics. But we are not there yet. I hope we get there one day.”

When it came to politics, the reality TV star admitted her lack of knowledge and interest, stating,

“I don’t want to talk about politics because I don’t really know much about politics. I just think Nigeria is a shithole with this kind of leadership. The issue is that the people that are obligated to care about us don’t care about us.”

In a stark message to her fellow citizens, she advised,

“I don’t know that there would be a solution anytime soon. So I tell people do your best to fend for yourself and family and if you have the opportunity to relocate abroad, do.”