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Shocker as Nollywood actress Rita Edochie faces serious scandal



Shocker as Rita Edochie faces serious allegations

A serious scandal has erupted in Nollywood and actress Rita Edochie is the face of it as media personality, Destiny Ezeyim otherwise known as Radiogad drags her on social media. 

In an explosive row on Instagram, the radio personality who sometimes operates as a disc jokey unleashed a torrent of allegations against revered the Nollywood actress.

The drama began when Rita Edochie voiced her support for the contentious critic, Verydarkman, who had previously been accused of homosexual behavior. Radiogad’s response has set social media ablaze with serious and sensational claims.

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Radiogad has accused the veteran actress of engaging in lesbian relationships and allegedly exploiting young girls in Asaba, promising them movie roles in exchange. In a viral video, he threatened to release tapes and proof should Rita attempt to challenge his accusations.

This scandal follows Edochie’s recent Instagram post, where she defended Verydarkman’s right to critique others despite his past controversies. She emphasized the importance of repentance and personal growth, citing examples of former criminals and prostitutes who had reformed and now condemn their previous actions.

Social media reactions have been swift and unforgiving. One user, meritflix_glam, commented, “I knew mama would eventually set herself up when I saw her comments and likes under the prodigal boy posts 🚶🚶🚶🚶.” Another, dr_shugaboy, wrote, “This suits @ritaedochie since she can’t respect her old age .. I will join @radiogad in dragging her wotowoto on social media.”

As the feud intensifies, all eyes are on Rita Edochie for her response to these damning accusations. Will she defend herself against Radiogad’s explosive claims, or will this scandal further tarnish her illustrious career?