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Yahoo boy stabs parents after magic soap failed to bring him intended wealth



Yahoo boy stabs parents after magic soap failed to bring him intended wealth

A 20-year-old Yahoo boy, identified as Daniel Bamidele, has been arrested after an attempt to murder his parents in Oyo State.

The police apprehended the 200-level LAUTECH student after he stabbed his parents on Thursday, January 25.

TopNaija gathered that the mother of the suspect, Titilayo, reportedly ran out of their home in Apabielesin area of Ibadan, Oyo State with serious injury. She wasted no time in calling for help after her son allegedly sneaked into their house and attacked her and his father with a machete.

Bystanders came to the aid of the woman as they all rushed into the house, apprehended Daniel, and separated him from the machete in order to restrict him from inflicting any harm further.

After being stripped of the object by neighbors who held him down and rescued his father from his hold, Daniel stated that he had been into Yahoo business for quite some time. He said that his parents were aware that he had already constructed a three-bedroom house with the money he got from the criminal act.

He claimed to have promised to get a store for his mother and stock it with goods so she could become a big trader once he recorded a breakthrough.

He said his mother and elder brother allegedly connived to fleece him of the sum of N2.5 million despite the promise he made to get her a store.

He said; “I purposely lured my mother from a church programme she was attending, and as soon as we arrived home, I attacked her with a knife and was already inflicting cuts on her body when my father tried to save her from me.

“I attacked my father too because if I had not stabbed both of them, they would have succeeded in killing me.”

According to him, he first attacked his mothe with a knife for giving him a fake name of hers, which rendered the magic black soap he got from a white garment church priest useless. He further revealed that he made his elder brother his next of kin in his bank documentation but the same elder brother allegedly had been trying to play smart with his money.

Daniel said; “I am a 200-level student of LAUTECH and I have built a three-bedroom bungalow from the money I made from doing yahoo business. I am angry with my parents, particularly my mother, for giving me a fake name instead of her real name.

“There is a particular black magic soap that I have been using lately. The soap was given to me by the priest of a white garment church named Mathew.

“I was the one who bought a generator for Pastor Mathew’s church around Ona Grammar School in Ogbomosho.

“The soap was meant to bring me good fortune, but there was the need for me to call my mother’s name into it before it could work.

“My mother told me that her name is Titilayo. But when I called the name into the soap, it did not work. Hence, I got angry and decided to stab her.”

However, Daniel’s mother, Titilayo said she did not collect any money from him.

She said; “I was called on the phone to come pick up my son from school at LAUTECH when he started exhibiting mental illness.

“When we got home, his father brought a native medicine home and gave him to use. He slept off after taking the medicine.

“However, when he woke up, he demanded the whereabouts of his phone and I told him I did not take his phone. He landed several blows on me.

“He is a liar; I did not collect any money from him.”

Daniel’s father also accused his wife of knowing everything pertaining to how his son ventured into yahoo business and how he built a house from the money he made from the fraudulent activity.

He said; “My wife was the one that indulged him (Daniel). She knew when her son started building a house, yet she did not tell me.”

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