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Notcoin rockets to $1 billion valuation in spectacular debut



Notcoin rockets to $1 billion valuation in spectacular debut

In a remarkable debut, Notcoin (NOT), a gaming token with an impressive user base exceeding 35 million, has started trading with a fully diluted value (FDV) of $1 billion.

The token, which was distributed through an airdrop and listed on multiple exchanges, achieved a staggering $294 million in trading volume within its first hour, as reported by CoinMarketCap.

Notcoin’s journey began with early adopters who engaged with the game through the Telegram app from January to April.

Users earned Notcoin by clicking on a virtual coin and completing in-game challenges. These accumulated balances were converted to Notcoin at a 1000:1 ratio, marking a seamless transition from virtual game rewards to real-world cryptocurrency holdings.

The total supply of Notcoin is capped at 102 billion, with strategic allocations to promote adoption and engagement.

Binance Launchpool users received 3% of the supply, while OKX Jumpstart users were allotted 1.5%. This thoughtful distribution strategy has facilitated widespread access and excitement within the crypto community.

To encourage long-term holding and participation, Notcoin developers Open Builders have introduced a staking mechanism. Airdrop recipients can stake their tokens to “earn extra rewards” and access more lucrative staking pools based on their in-game level.

This innovative approach aims to foster a stable and engaged user base, rewarding commitment and activity.

Sasha Plotvinov, founder of Open Builders, expressed pride in Notcoin’s rapid growth and its impact on the crypto space. “It’s been an amazing few months,” Plotvinov remarked. “We’re extremely proud that Notcoin’s viral growth has introduced millions to crypto and TON’s ecosystem.”

Notcoin’s successful launch and rapid ascent highlight the potential of integrating gaming and cryptocurrency. By leveraging a massive user base and providing tangible incentives for engagement, Notcoin has set a precedent for future projects in the digital asset space.

As the token continues to gain traction, it will be interesting to observe its long-term impact on both the gaming and cryptocurrency markets.

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