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Terrorists attack the Holy City of Jerusalem



Terrorists attack the Holy City of Jerusalem

Terrorists attack the holy city of Jerusalem to leave at least 7 people injured according to reports from Israeli officials within the city.

Gunmen were said to have opened fire at separate locations in the city, first shooting at a bus and opening fire in a car park near the historic Western Wall at 10:24 PM West African time before fleeing the scene.

From statement from police accounts, Israel is treating the case as a perceived terror attack on Jerusalem.

It is unclear as to how many shooters were involved but the Israeli media reports at least two suspects are being investigated on.

Magen David Adom (MDA), of the ambulance service said they were carrying out treatments on several people, including 2 who were in a critical condition.

Terrorists attack the Holy City of Jerusalem

According to The Times of Israel, at least one of the attackers had waited for the bus to arrive at a stop before opening fire the minute passengers boarded.

“The bus was full, jam-packed. I stopped at a bus stop at King David’s Tomb and then I heard gunfire, people started yelling, people were hurt inside the bus,” an eye witness had reported of the incident.

The Western Wall stands as one of the holiest sites in Judaism where thousands of worshippers go on a pilgrimage to the site every year to pray.

The attacks come a week after Israeli raids targeting Palestinian militants in the Gaza strip killed 44 people.