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Offensive in Lebanon another crisis entirely — U.S general warns Israel



Offensive in Lebanon another crisis entirely -- U.S general warns

Offensive attacks in Lebanon could lead to something else — U. S army general warns Israel

Air Force General C.Q. Brown, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, cautioned that an Israeli offensive in Lebanon could escalate into a wider regional conflict involving Iran and Iran-aligned militants, particularly if Hezbollah’s existence is threatened.

Speaking to reporters before heading to defense talks in Botswana, Brown emphasized that Hezbollah, with its greater capability and number of rockets compared to Hamas, could receive increased support from Iran, heightening the potential for broader hostilities.

His comments follow Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s announcement that the intense phase of fighting in Gaza is nearing its end, allowing Israel to bolster its forces along the northern border with Lebanon.

Hostilities have been ongoing since Hezbollah began attacking Israel shortly after Hamas’ October 7 assault. The conflict escalated further in June after an Israeli strike killed a senior Hezbollah commander, prompting the largest rocket and drone volleys from Hezbollah to date.

Brown highlighted the challenges the U.S. would face in defending Israel against Hezbollah compared to intercepting Iran’s April missile and drone attack, due to the proximity of Lebanon to Israel.

Meanwhile, Israeli Defence Minister Yoav Gallant traveled to Washington to discuss the next steps in the Gaza conflict and rising tensions on the Lebanon border.