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We can’t defeat Russia alone—Ukrainian Security Council



We can’t defeat Russia alone—Ukrainian Security Council

The head of Ukraine’s Security Council have openly admitted the impossible task set against them towards defeating Russia in the on-going invasion of President Vladimir Putin’s army without accurate support from the West.

The Ukrainian head of its National Security Council alleged that the West believed Ukraine would surrender so easily to Russian forces and so refused to send a greater might of military support towards their fight against Russian.

Oleksiy Danilov recognizes how Ukraine’s resilience in the war kept its military going but admits proper support would give them better fighting chance against the invasion if the West really wanted to defeat Russia.

Speaking to the Daily Beast on the war, Oleksiy Danilov states:

“Unfortunately, the future depends not only on our country. Our own capabilities, unfortunately, are not enough—this must be recognized. Without partners, this is impossible, but the question is how quickly they will give us the necessary weapons.”

We can’t defeat Russia alone—Ukrainian Security Council

Danilov currently plays a pivotal role in the war against Russia that has already claimed lives.

“Every morning I receive information about how many children have died: at least 359 children have been killed, 692 children were left injured—many of them became crippled,” he said.

Prior to the war, Danilov revealed he had a sitting with emissaries from foreign governments who told Ukraine they had no might to stand against the Russian military aggression, stating:

“We were promised Russians would make concentration camps and destroy all the country’s top political leadership in a very short time. Someone said it would happen in three days, others in five—we were given a maximum of three weeks. I told them all: ‘You don’t understand our inner freedom. We will not surrender, we will fight.’”

We can’t defeat Russia alone—Ukrainian Security Council

“We will never surrender, but the timing of our victory depends on how the partners will give weapons. We needed it yesterday. [The West] didn’t believe in us and didn’t give us enough weapons.

“They began to give weapons in December to resist a certain part of the hostilities. In February, our entire country knew these three words: Javelin, NLAW and Stinger. It was a big emotional help because most people thought we had a super weapon. Yes, it was, but not in sufficient quantities. But our will and strength, this horizontal control system, made itself felt.”

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