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Netanyahu: “Israel very close to its goals” — PM vows



Netanyahu: "Israel very close to its goals" -- PM vows

Amid ongoing hostilities, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel is approaching its objective of dismantling the military capabilities of Hamas, the Islamist group governing Gaza.

This statement comes in the wake of an intensified military campaign aimed at neutralizing threats posed by Hamas and its ally, Islamic Jihad.

On Monday, Islamic Jihad launched a barrage of rockets into Israeli territory, targeting several communities near the Gaza border.

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Despite the launch of approximately 20 rockets, the Israeli military reported no casualties, highlighting the effectiveness of Israel’s defense systems. Islamic Jihad claimed the attack was a response to what they termed “the crimes of the Zionist enemy against our Palestinian people.”

In a proactive move, the Israeli military has been issuing evacuation orders to residents of eastern Khan Younis in southern Gaza. “For your safety, you must evacuate immediately to the humanitarian zone,” stated army spokesperson Avichay Adraee on the social media platform X. This directive aligns with reports that Israeli forces may soon re-enter areas they had previously vacated.

Prime Minister Netanyahu emphasized the progress made in the military campaign, noting that operations would continue at a reduced intensity to ensure the complete neutralization of Hamas’s military capabilities. “We are advancing to the end of the phase of eliminating the terrorist army of Hamas, and there will be a continuation to strike its remnants,” Netanyahu asserted.

This ongoing conflict traces its roots to the October 7 assault by Hamas on Israeli territory, which marked a significant escalation in the region. Netanyahu’s administration has since been steadfast in its commitment to securing Israel’s borders and ensuring the safety of its citizens.