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Tariff hike dispute: FG urges electricity workers to stop strike threat



Tariff hike dispute: FG pleads with electricity workers

In a bid to avert a looming crisis in the power sector, the Federal Government has implored members of the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE) to refrain from embarking on industrial action following the recent increase in electricity tariffs.

The plea comes as the union remains steadfast in its stance, threatening to withdraw its services unless the government reverses its decision to remove subsidies on tariffs for Band A customers.

Adebiyi Adeyeye, the National President of NUEE, reiterated the union’s resolve in an interview, underscoring the gravity of the situation. The tariff hike, implemented by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission on April 3, saw a substantial increase for customers enjoying 20 hours of daily power supply under the Band A classification.

Adeyeye emphasized the union’s concerns regarding the feasibility of providing 20 hours of electricity given the current infrastructure constraints. He highlighted the safety risks faced by workers tasked with collecting tariffs from customers, especially in areas with inadequate power supply.

While stopping short of issuing a formal ultimatum for strike action, Adeyeye emphasized that the union is urging the government to address the situation promptly to avoid service withdrawals.

The union leader also expressed concerns over the safety of workers, citing instances of attacks amid unrealistic promises made to consumers. He stressed that the lack of adequate equipment and infrastructure renders the provision of 20-hour electricity untenable in many areas.

In response, Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, through his media aide, Bolaji Tunji, urged the union to reconsider its stance. Adelabu emphasized that the government’s actions are aimed at improving the power sector and ultimately benefiting the nation’s economy.

He appealed for understanding, stating that the tariff adjustments are part of broader efforts to address longstanding issues in the sector and foster economic growth.

The government’s plea for cooperation underscores the delicate balance between addressing the financial sustainability of the power sector and ensuring equitable access to electricity for all Nigerians. As negotiations continue, stakeholders are hopeful for a resolution that prioritizes the interests of both workers and consumers alike.

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