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“This doesn’t concern you” — Iran warns America



"This doesn't concern you" -- Iran warns America

Tension rises between Israel and Iran following the April 1 strike by Israeli missiles on Iranian embassy in Syria, leading to a retaliation by the Persian nation.

Following its retaliatory strike, the Iranian government has sounded a warning to Israel’s staunch ally, the United States of America against getting involved in the crisis between both parties.

In its stern warning to the United States, Iran has urged the North American country to refrain from involvement in the ongoing conflict with Israel, following a series of drone and missile attacks launched by Tehran in retaliation for an airstrike on its consulate in Damascus.

The strike claimed the lives of several Iranian army generals.

In a statement released by Iran’s United Nations mission, the military action was described as a response to what was termed as “aggression” by the Israeli regime against Iran’s diplomatic premises in Damascus.

The statement cautioned that any further provocations by Israel would be met with a significantly harsher response from Iran. It emphasized that the conflict was solely between Iran and Israel, urging the United States to stay out of it.

Despite hopes from Iran that the retaliation would quell further escalation, the United States intervened by intercepting drones bound for Israel, according to confirmation from a Pentagon official.

Additionally, Britain declared its readiness to assist if necessary.

The airstrike on April 1, widely attributed to Israel, resulted in the destruction of the five-story consular annex of the Iranian embassy in Damascus and claimed the lives of seven Revolutionary Guards, including two generals.

In response, the Guards issued a warning to both Israel and the United States, asserting that any aggression towards Iran would be met with a proportional response.

Iran justified its attack on Israel as an act of self-defense following the strike on its diplomatic mission.

The Iranian foreign ministry reiterated its commitment to defending its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and national interests against any perceived use of force or aggression.