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Russia planning to supply Weapons to African and Latino allies



Russia planning to supply Weapons to African and Latino allies

According to reports, Russian President, Vladimir Putin is ready to sanction the supply of military arms and equipment to support Russia’s allies from the Latin American regions, Asia and Africa.

The sounds of war are being rung and the Russian President is ready to make the moves now.

From the report, Russia plans on training foreign fighters as the President, Putin made this known during the ‘Army 2022’ opening ceremony on Monday.

“Russia sincerely cherishes historically strong, friendly, truly trusting ties with the countries of Latin America, Asia, and Africa,” Vladimir Putin said.

The President reveals that in the moves to prepare for warm the country is ready to supply its allies from the Latin America, Asia and African continents ‘the most modern types of weapons’.

These weapons according to him ranges from small arms to the big ones such as the armored vehicles and artillery charges as well as combat aviation and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Putin pointed out that Russia has many allies, partners and like-minded people across these continents, adding that his country values this so highly.

The Russian leader explained of the advantages for countries to train their soldiers in Russia, inviting Russia’s allies to do joint military exercises.

It could be very much a scare tactics to strong arm Russia’s rivals in the big 6 leagues to channel some kind of narrative or it could be a genuine move to unite Russia and its allies.