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Rigging allegations: APC Presidential Primary integrity in question




Reports have sailed the media space to put the authenticity of the results from the APC presidential primary in question.

Sources close to Sahara reporters have reported allegations of rigging in the primary that was conducted at the Eagles Square, Abuja.

The allegations are said to come from the Rivers State delegates, who were said to have stormed the voting arena to come across electoral officials assisting delegates who could not write, which they claimed was contrary to announcements made by the electoral committee.

The agreement stated that only one electoral official was to be attached to each state and would be allowed in the voting arena.

The aggrieved delegates also alleged that there was a change made to the delegates list to enable non-delegates to vote, revealing that some delegates who were not on the ground had their accreditation tags given to other people.

The situation is said to have almost disrupted the exercise as security operatives and electoral officials were seen having troubles containing the situation.

Former Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, who was one of the presidential aspirants, was revealed to have stormed out in anger from the ‘state box’ where he had been seated to raise the alarm.

Obviously, Nigeria will always be Nigeria.