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Revealed: 10 Businesses You Should Invest In To Become A Millionaire



Everyone’s dream is to become a millionaire. Even though most of us desire financial wealth, and we absolutely can, it seems that we have no idea how to actually find the riches and reach our objectives.


Investing in a business is probably the best way to become a millionaire, especially if you don’t really have a considerable amount of cash to start your journey with. Those that start from scratch can easily climb to millions if they only knew what, how, and where to seek. These are the best CFD brokers.

How to invest and make millions in business

To make millions, even as a student, even online, you should choose an evergreen business niche model. This means that the industry you’ve chosen and the niche you selected will never “die”, and your business will always be demanded in the near future. To make millions, you must work on your mindset to eliminate every possible limit and boundary. You must have confidence, attract those millions with your mind, heart, and actions, and you must offer yourself a chance to start again even if you’ve just failed the 99th time in a row.

In today’s post, I’m suggesting 10 possible business fields that you can choose to begin your million-dollar journey. Take some inspiration and get to work!

1. Start an Insurance Company

Make millions investing in insurance

When I think of “evergreen”, the first thing that comes to my mind is “life and death”. Those are universal. Well, as you may notice, the insurance industry is always blooming, as people are getting sicker and sicker as time goes by. Nowadays, people are trying their best to be healthy, though they realize that the possibility of disease is very probable. INSURANCE is always necessary, and it’s not cheap either. An insurance company business model can take actually make millions of dollars if managed properly. Of course, starting this model is not easy, but definitely worth the price.

2. Build a Highly Profitable Affiliate Website

Make millions as an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is an affordable way to begin your road to a million-dollar hustle. The model is pretty simple: find a good product, match it with a relevant audience, develop a great strategy that showcases the product’s benefits, and make that sale happen. If you do, you simply cash in. There are countless opportunities to start an affiliate marketing business, and there are really thousands of affiliates who earn millions of dollars every month of this profitable model.

3. Start a Custom Academic Assignment Service

Make millions starting an academic writing service

Here’s an out-of-the-box idea. An academic writing business that provides help to students in need is an interesting and truly profitable niche. You would have to build a team of writers and promote your assignment service to students from across the world. You can offer services like:

Dissertation writing
Essay writing
Custom writing
Business writing
Technical writing
Creative writing
Always choose a passionate writer over a “certified” writer. If you can provide enough value to students, that type of reputation in this specific industry can make you a millionaire in a matter of years.

4. Start a Business Consultancy Brand

Make millions as a business consultant

Consulting is a scalable business model that presents huge potential. You can become an individual consultant and make your reputation based on results. Then, whenever you achieve great results, you’ll climb up the ladder and reach new clients who will pay more. Some consultants earn millions of dollars only because they contribute to one project. Yes, there is such a thing, but not on the lower levels of the sea. The second way to reach millions through consulting is to get hired by top companies in the world and benefit from the amazing compensations they offer. What’s best is that consulting can be about anything – if you can master a skill, an art, or anything teachable, you’re in business.

5. Develop a Digital Product

Design a digital product to make millions

A digital product is the best way to become a millionaire and to stay a millionaire for the rest of your life. A digital product is basically information that’s packed in a specific media form (eBook, video, podcast, etc.) and can be distributed online. If you can write, then write an eBook. If you can speak, then go for a podcast. If you do great public speaking, why not a video course? If you spend one year and $100,000 developing a killer product that sells at $1000 apiece, after 100 sales you’ve got your investment back. After 1000 sales, you’ll be reaching a million dollars. The great thing about digital products is that they become passive assets -once you build them, they’ll generate profits forever as long as you take care of them.

6. Develop an Eco-Friendly Business

Eco-friendly business ideas generate millions in profit

Nowadays, people feel a strong urge to eat more healthily, to exercise, to do yoga, and so on. Why do you think that happens? I believe that the world has reached a very sad age where everything is corrupted, especially food. That is my criticism speaking, though you have to admit that I’m bringing some truths here. Eco-friendly is the new big industry that’s going to bloom in a few years. Healthy food is becoming people’s #1 choice, so individuals and companies that make their products eco-friendly will gain a huge competitive advantage, leading them probably to market dominance and million dollars.

7. Start a High-Rate Legal Service

Legal services make millions of dollars

Everyone needs a lawyer. This profession will never die, so if you take it to the next level (starting your own legal company) you can consider yourself playing the big game. Think in terms of numbers – if you have 10 lawyers that each passively brings income to your firm, you’ll be enjoying freedom and time because your work is done. You have already worked to get those legal professionals nearside you, now you’ll reap the benefits.

8. Launch Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing makes millionaires

A digital marketing agency is a truly profitable avenue for those who qualify for the job. A great digital marketing agency is ruled by a great digital marketer who is skilled in marketing, entrepreneurship, psychology, and communication. If the right team completes the right leader, a digital marketing agency can reach the sky, making millions of dollars through only a few high-standard projects. Every business needs promotion – if you get into the big game, as I said, where the “big sharks” play, digital marketing is absolutely insane and can make you a millionaire without a doubt. In digital marketing overdelivering with free value is key.

9. Develop & Sell a Mobile App

Mobile apps make millionaires

Launching a mobile app can make you a millionaire in a matter of months. Of course, that’s not a common case, but people who started apps that were bought by giants like Facebook, apps like Dropbox, Instagram, Snapchat. Also, do you remember Flappy Bird? Pokémon GO? Think of something brilliant, develop the skills to do it, hire the right team, build the right strategy, apply the right branding, and simply go for it. App development is truly a profitable yet risky business. Many apps become ghosts, so you’ll have to build real knowledge and skills to cross the hit or miss game.

10. Start a Wholesale/Dropshipping Ecommerce Business

Become a millionaire dropshipping

Wholesale e-commerce is the art of buying quantity for a cheap price (wholesale), and selling it to individuals for a high price (retail price). Nowadays, the best way to reach millions through e-commerce is to start an eCommerce online store. Simply said, the money is online right now, so better focus on building and positioning your brand in the right market.

Dropshipping protip:

There’s also dropshipping e-commerce and is simply promoting other people’s physical goods on your site, and when an order is made by your clients you get that contact information and use it to place an order from the drop shipper to the seller. A drop shipper is a middle person that makes the connection between wholesalers and retailers. You don’t have to be Jeff Bezos to make millions off eCommerce. Have a look at these eCommerce business examples and get some inspiration. It’s possible!


Investing in a business is a wonderful activity, especially for those of you that “have it in you”. If you really know why you want to make millions, then you’re already close. Don’t keep it in your mind. Make it written. Put it down and connect to that purpose. If you’re willing to take consistent action, you’re much closer. If you do it with faith, confidence, and guidance (intuition), you’ll arrive at the destination faster.