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What Reno Omokri really thinks of Tinubu and his Vie for Presidency



Reno Omokri on Why Tinubu Presidency will Fail

Reno Omokri is a man known for being opinionated, and the fact that he is opinionated means he doesn’t shy off speaking of his views, be it political or social on his social media handles.

Famous for being an aide under the Goodluck Ebele Jonathan regime, the journalist and media personality has been a critic and a nightmare to the APC over the years.

And he isn’t ready to stop that even with the emergence of Bola Tinubu as the party’s presidential flag-bearer for the 2023 election.

To him, he has earmarked at least 10 reasons he believes and is sure that the former Lagos State Governor cannot emerge as the President of Nigeria.

He said this as he took his time to share on his Instagram handle the so many issues and allegations facing Bola Tinubu.

Reno Omokri’s constant argument has been over the fact that the politician is a known drug lord, whose running mate is an alleged Boko Haram sympathizer.

The journalist also shared doubts on the politician’s parentage, lineage, age and his overall identity.

Omokri very much laid allegations on the politician having a hand in the Lekki Massacre of Nigerians in 2020.

He listed his 10 Reasons Tinubu Can’t Win in 2023 as:

Reno Omokri on Why Tinubu Presidency will Fail

“1. He is a KNOWN DRUG LORD.

  1. He is running in a Muslim-Muslim ticket.
  2. He is running with a suspected Boko Haram sympathiser.
  3. His parentage, age and lineage are in doubt.
  4. He was involved in the #LekkiMassacre of 2020.
  5. He lost his own home state to the PDP.
  6. He is involved in a legal dispute over Alphabeta.
  7. His region’s socio-cultural group, Afenifere, are against him.
  8. He is seen as an architect of the Buhari administration.
  9. His wife openly said ‘Igbo we no dey trust una again’.

With the above reasons, the 2023 elections are just a formality. Atiku will defeat Tinubu. No argument!”