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Fake news – Kenneth Okonkwo debunks plan to return to APC



Fake news – Kenneth Okonkwo debunks plan to return to APC

Nigerian actor cum politician, Kenneth Okonkwo has denied the rumors of going back to the ruling Party, APC.

Okonkwo, the spokesperson for the presidential campaign of the LP during the 2023 elections, who recently left the Labour Party (LP) led by Julius Abure, said on Friday that reports stating that he wishes to return to the APC are fake news.

During an interview with the press, Okonkwo characterized the LP as “a clandestine organization governed by a bunch of clowns.”

He expressed his dissatisfaction with the recent happenings within his party.

According to him, the LP lacked integrity to exploit the internal turmoil of other political parties.

He added that he cannot rule out decamping to another political party if the Labour Party (LP) continues on a “trajectory where they cannot even hold an acceptable national convention.”

After the interview, certain sources surfaced that the former LP head is scheduled to join the ruling APC. But the veteran actor acted fast to discredit the rumors.

Taking to his X account, he wrote: “Return to APC? – FAKE NEWS.”

Okonkwo described those behind reports of him returning to APC as mischief makers.

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