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Regina Daniels celebrates Ramadan with Niqab



Regina Daniels celebrates Ramadan with Niqqab

Actress Regina Daniels, known for her roles on screen and her high-profile marriage to Muslim politician Ned Nwoko, made headlines as she donned a niqab while visiting the market on Monday, March 11, marking the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

Covered from head to toe in a traditional black niqab, Daniels opted to shield her identity completely, with only her eyes visible behind dark sunglasses.

Despite her efforts to remain incognito, the actress revealed that she was recognized by fans during her market excursion.

Regina Daniels covers entire body and face as she wears Niqab to the market (video)

Sharing her experience on social media, Regina Daniels expressed her intention to remain inconspicuous during her market visit but admitted that she was eventually identified by enthusiastic onlookers.

In a light-hearted caption accompanying a photo of herself in the niqab, she wrote,

“I had a really good time at the market… the plan was not to be recognized but I dunno how they ganged up on me and made me take out my veil… Afterwards, I enjoyed myself. Happy Ramadan to my Muslim fam.”