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“Where would you see me?” — Regina Daniels gets honest with Ned Nwoko



"Where would you see me?" -- Regina Daniels replies Ned Nwoko

Regina Daniels and husband Ned Nwoko get clever with each other, but the Nollywood actress had her wits to share with the internet.

So Ned Nwoko decided to ask wife, Regina Daniels, the very important question, but the Nollywood actress had other ideas about how to answer it. 

The Nollywood star took to her social media account to reveal a witty conversation she had with her husband, Senator Ned Nwoko, pertaining their relationship.

In the Instagram post, Regina Daniels revealed that Ned Nwoko had inquired what the grounds of their union would have been had he not been an affluent politician but was instead an everyday mechanic.

Initially surprised by the question, Daniels  chose to see the funny side of it with her response, highlighting the irony of their hypothetical situation.

Sharing the anecdote on her Instagram page, Regina Daniels wrote,

"Where would you see me?" -- Regina Daniels replies Ned Nwoko

“Small gist everyone: So my husband asked me one of the most asked questions he sees about our union. He said, ‘G, would you have actually married me if I was a mechanic?’

“I laughed. I really didn’t know the response I was to give, but my reply was ‘Where would you see me? When I come to fix a car?’

“Dim idiegwu.”

Regina Daniels, who tied the knot with Ned Nwoko in 2019 at the age of 22, sparked varied reactions due to the significant age gap between them.

Nwoko, a 61-year-old lawyer and former federal lawmaker, and Daniels’ union raised eyebrows initially, but the couple has since welcomed two children together.