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Reactions as lady proposes to her lover after seven years of relationship (video)



Reactions as lady proposes to her lover after seven years of relationship (video)

A lady has caused a buzz on social media after she took the bold move by proposing to her sexual partner after being together for allegedly seven years in the relationship.

During a somewhat dinner date, the lady had risen from her seat and proposed to him, much to his surprise

The moment which was shared online, captured the heartwarming moment the woman went on one knee in front of her man to pop the question.

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Despite being surprised, the boyfriend readily accepted the proposal, then she placed a ring on his finger.

They ended up sealing the beautiful moment with a romantic kiss while receiving applauds from the crowd.


The video has created a significant buzz on social media, with many dropping their opinions on the situation.

Many expressed shock at the lady breaking the societal norms in proposing to her male partner, instead of the other way around.

Read some comments below,

@aqualady6666 wrote, “I’m happy for them ❤️but Personally I don’t think I can propose to a man lol.
I’m gonna treat my man like a king tho.”

@marthasexy wrote, “She’s brave I must say but can’t be me”

@damola_ade77 wrote, “Always nice when it ends well, but….

@teajays wrote, “That’s a heartwarming twist! Love knows no bounds, and it’s wonderful to see couples breaking stereotypes and making meaningful commitments. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness together! 💍❤️😍

@sheofmary wrote, “I’d much rather drag my bare vagina across concrete”

Watch the video below,

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