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“It is not uncommon” — Nigeria’s Presidency defends nepotism



Qatar Delegation: Presidency Defends Tinubu over sons’ inclusion

Everyone does it — Nigeria’s Presidency gives reason why its the Nigeria President’s turn to do same as Bola Tinubu includes sons in Qatar delegation.

Nigeria’s presidency has stepped forward to defend President Bola Tinubu on his decision to include his sons, Seyi and Yinka, in the delegation accompanying him on a state visit to Qatar.

The trip, scheduled for March 2 and 3, 2024, aims to foster business and investment opportunities between Nigeria and Qatar.

The decision sparked controversy, with critics questioning the inclusion of the President’s family members in the official delegation. However, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Digital/New Media, O’tega Ogra, addressed the issue via an official statement on Tuesday.

Ogra emphasized that the practice of world leaders bringing their children on state visits is not uncommon. He cited examples such as Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and UK Prime Ministers, who have been known to travel with their families on official trips abroad, albeit with varying degrees of visibility.

According to Ogra, bringing family members on such trips can serve multiple purposes, including softening the leader’s public image, aiding in diplomatic relations by showcasing a relatable, family-oriented side, and providing an opportunity to educate children about global affairs and different cultures.

He highlighted that leaders like the Obamas, Clintons, Bushs, and Trumps have also taken their families on numerous foreign trips during their time in office, indicating that such practices are not unique to Nigeria.

Ogra urged Nigerians to focus on pertinent issues instead of criticizing every decision made by the government, emphasizing the need to avoid “majoring in minors” in the name of castigation.