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‘Purveyor of Hate’ — Gbadebo Rhodes replies Seyi Law



Purveyor of Hate -- Gbadebo Rhodes blasts Seyi Law

The Labour Party’s governorship candidate in the 2023 elections, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, has vehemently refuted claims made by comedian Seyi Law, labeling him as a purveyor of falsehood, hate, and bigotry.

This response comes after Seyi Law alleged that Rhodes-Vivour threatened to sideline traditional rulers if elected governor of Lagos State in 2023.

'Purveyor of Hate' -- Gbadebo Rhodes replies Seyi Law

Rhodes-Vivour’s rebuttal came in the form of a video shared by the gubernatorial candidate, where he pledged to restore the authority of traditional rulers in Lagos State.

He argued that the authority of these traditional leaders had been undermined by colonial powers and subsequently neglected by successive governments.

In his video statement, Rhodes-Vivour emphasized the importance of empowering traditional rulers, granting them the autonomy to act without undue interference from state authorities.

He expressed his commitment to reinstating their authority, aiming to rectify what he perceives as historical injustices perpetuated against them.