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Prince Odi Okojie appreciates his wife: says he would pay another dowry for her



In a total show of love and affection that would make all the ladies (and Bobrisky) go ‘Awwwn,’ Prince Odi Okojie, husband of Mercy Johnson disclosed his readiness to pay another bride price to her family for her. He said this while appreciating her beauty with a new post on instagram.

Now, I believe there are two things involved in that comment. Either Prince Odi Okojie really loves his wife or the bride price the first time wasn’t much. I know a lot of men who had a near death experience after they saw their S/O’s bride price list.

For what it’s worth, I’m guessing it’s the former for Prince Odi.

But really, how many of you would pay another bride price for your wife? Say it with your chest in the comments section.

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