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“Mad people everywhere” — Odi Okojie slams Angela Okorie



"Mad people everywhere" -- Odi Okojie slams Angela Okorie

In the midst of a heated exchange between Nollywood actresses Mercy Johnson and Angela Okorie, Mercy Johnson’s husband, Prince Odi Okojie, has entered the fray, raising concerns about Okorie’s mental well-being.

The controversy unfolded after Okorie leveled accusations of witchcraft against Mercy Johnson and her late mother, alleging their involvement in manipulating the dynamics of the film industry through supernatural means.

In response, Prince Odi Okojie dismissed Okorie’s claims, labeling them as outrageous and indicative of a disturbed mental state.

He coyly urged those close to the circle of Angela Okorie to check on her, highlighting the importance of addressing mental health issues.

He wrote; “Pls endeavor to check on your loved ones, mental health is real. M@dt people everywhere”.

The public reaction to Okorie’s accusations has been predominantly critical, with many questioning the validity of her claims and expressing concern for her mental health.