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Why Davido really severed ties with Mercy Johnson



Why Davido really severed ties with Mercy Johnson

A resurfaced social media post has stirred up a storm of controversy, revealing a bitter exchange between Nigerian singer Davido and Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson Okojie and her husband, Prince Odi Okojie.

The post, originating from a comment thread on Eniola Badmus’s post, sheds light on Davido’s apparent disdain for the couple, accusing them of harboring “evil” traits.

The drama unfolded when Eniola Badmus shared a congratulatory message to Mercy Johnson, supposedly on the arrival of her fourth child years ago. Davido seized the opportunity to express his grievances, labeling the couple as “wicked people” while reluctantly extending his congratulations.

When questioned by a concerned fan about the reason behind his spiteful comment, Davido responded bluntly, stating, “Just evil set of People,” leaving many puzzled and curious about the underlying feud.

The root of this animosity dates back to Davido’s alleged failure to honor an agreement to attend the grand opening of the Okojies’ luxury hotel venture, Henod Luxury Hotels, in Abulegba, Lagos.

Why Davido really severed ties with Mercy Johnson

Despite announcing his presence at the event on Instagram, Davido, who was on tour in America at the time, failed to show up, disappointing attendees and organizers alike.

Reports indicate that Mercy Johnson and Prince Odi subsequently took legal action against Davido for breach of agreement.

Efforts to reach Davido’s management team proved fruitless as they reportedly ceased communication, exacerbating the situation.

Reactions from netizens poured in, with some expressing shock at Davido’s derogatory remarks, while others noted his lack of restraint and speculated on the consequences of his actions.