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“Mercy Johnson is not her real name” – Woman claims to be the biological mother of Actress Mercy Johnson (Video))



“Mercy Johnson is not her real name” – Woman who claims to be Mercy’s mother cries out for DNA test to prove it [Video]

In a surprising turn of events, a woman bearing a striking resemblance to popular Nigerian actress Mercy Johnson has come forward, asserting that she is the actress’ biological mother.

Sharing her story, she revealed that she was married to a Nigerian man from Kogi state and had three children with him.

However, circumstances unfolded tragically when her mother, who had traveled from Cameroon, informed her about her father’s critical illness and his desire to see his grandchildren before his demise.

At that time, she was pregnant with her fourth child.

To fulfill her father’s wish, her husband suggested that she take the youngest child with her, leaving Mercy Johnson and her elder brother Martin Ngei under the care of another woman.

Since that fateful decision, the woman has tirelessly journeyed back and forth to Nigeria for over three decades in search of her children, yet her efforts remained unrewarded.

The long search eventually led her to Mercy Johnson, who requested a DNA test to validate the woman’s claim.

Consequently, the woman arranged a meeting with Mercy’s husband, Prince Okojie, at a hospital.

Woman claims to be Mercy Johnson's mother

However, Prince Okojie denied any knowledge of her and refuted being the one who paid Mercy’s bride price.

Despite the denial, Prince Okojie agreed to finance the DNA test but insisted that the woman cover her own expenses, leaving her in a distressing situation as she had depleted her funds to travel to Nigeria.

The woman made it clear that a desire for Mercy’s wealth did not drive her motives, as she had managed to support herself throughout the years.

She also revealed that Mercy’s birth name is Ngei Magdalene and disclosed her willingness to undergo the DNA test for verification.

While Mercy Johnson had extended an invitation for the woman to come to Nigeria, her current struggles without a home have made it challenging for her to accept the offer and find stability in the country.

“I gave birth to her at a private hospital in Benue state. She is aware that I am her biological mother and she knows that Mercy Johnson is not her real name. In fact when I came to Nigeria she asked me what’s my real name and I told her”, she said in part.

See the video below:

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