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Portable Omolalomi Takes Shots at Small Doctor, Highlights Loyalty to Olamide



Street rapper Portable Omolalomi has fired back at fellow singer Small Doctor after being criticized in a recent interview.

Small Doctor had publicly commented on Portable’s demeanor, referring to him as a thug and claiming to have played a mentorship role in his early music career.

In response, Portable released a diss video targeting Small Doctor, portraying him as a fading star desperate for a comeback.

The Zazuu crooner did not hold back, promising to reclaim the $100 tip he once gave to Small Doctor and emphasizing his own self-sufficiency during their collaborative music endeavors.

In his words, “Who gave you crown, a king without a palace. I am a Big Doctor, you dey hear? I don pass you. na money dey turn senior brother to junior brother. I am once your helper; I once gave you $100 and I will collect my money back with interest.

Egbon Adugbo, hailing can’t buy G-Wagon. Did you buy me cloth? Did I sleep in your house? The featuring we did, I paid for everything.”

He also mentioned that Small Doctor tried to advise him about Olamide with the claims that he planned to rip him off.

Egbon adugbo, na mouth; na advising. Na so you advise me say Olamide wan rip me. I look am say weyrey. Make I go dey form for my helper? Instead, I stayed loyal,” he added.


Watch the video below …

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