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Instagram Influencer Ashmusy Attributes Success to Good Looks



Amarachi Amusi, widely known as Ashmusy, a popular Instagram content creator and brand ambassador, recently opened up about the advantages of her good looks and how it has contributed to her success.

In an interview with Punch Saturday Beats, she shared her perspective on the role her appearance has played in attracting deals and friendships.

Ashmusy expressed that her good looks have opened doors and brought her favorable opportunities.

She acknowledged that people are often drawn to attractive individuals, and this has helped her gain attention and establish connections within the industry.

Her appealing appearance has seemingly acted as a catalyst for her success as an influencer and brand ambassador.

Furthermore, Ashmusy discussed her act of generosity towards her dedicated employees.

She revealed that she gifted two of her most loyal team members with cars as a token of appreciation for their hard work and commitment.

The influencer recognized their contributions and believed that rewarding them with vehicles was a meaningful way to express her gratitude.


She said;


First, one of the cars was for my real estate staff, and it is a company car. The second car was for a member of staff of my beauty company. What motivated me to buy the car for her (staff of beauty company) was because she had been with me since I started the business about six years ago. She has been loyal and active. She deserves even more than that. It was a pleasure giving her that car.”


She also discussed how being well-known has affected her life and provided examples of times when she wished she hadn’t become famous;


For instance, when I go out and I just want to have fun and do whatever I like, the fact that I am popular restricts me. I can’t really be myself in certain places. I have to look a certain kind of way and talk in a certain way.


When I want to start a relationship, it is usually scary for me because I feel the guy may have a problem with me being popular. I am usually anxious that I might lose the man, when he gets to know I have many followers. That actually scares off some men.”


She was also prompted to speak on whether she gets pressured to get married by her family and others;


“Marriage pressure is a thing generally, and I am experiencing little from my family. My family members know how successful I am and how much I still want to achieve. They know I am doing great and they do not pressure me on marriage anymore.

I pressure myself too sometimes though. It’s not because I cannot wait to be with a man forever. Rather, it is because I desire to have my own home and children.”

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