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“Please don’t do that” — Nollywood actress begs Bloggers



"Please don't do that" -- Ngozi Ezeonu begs Bloggers

Nigerian actress, Ngozi Ezeonu has gone on social media to plead on bloggers after news came out on her alleged death.

The actress has risen to debunk the circulating rumors before it goes on to take a different life of its own.

In a video posted on her Instagram page, Ezeonu clarified that she is alive and in good health, addressing the misinformation that had sparked concerns among her fans and the public.

The actress explained that a previous Instagram post featuring a candle was not an announcement of her passing but a tribute to a recently departed close friend. Expressing her frustration with the spread of false information, Ezeonu emphasized the importance of responsible journalism.

“I lost a very close friend of mine, I posted a candle, a half-burnt candle, and they now put my picture on that candle and everybody is saying that I died. It is wrong. I am alive and healthy, please,” she stated in the video.

"Please don't do that" -- Ngozi Ezeonu begs Bloggers

Ngozi Ezeonu urged media outlets to exercise caution and verify information before disseminating it to the public. She emphasized the impact of such false reports on her well-being and the unnecessary worry it caused her family, friends, and fans.

“In journalism, what you do when in doubt is you leave out. If you cannot get across to the person to at least confirm the story, you don’t post. Don’t do that, please. Don’t try it again.

“This is a new year, why would anybody want to hurt each other just because they want people to follow them? The calls I have been receiving have been very worrisome. I don’t know why anybody should take my post,” she added.