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Tonto Dikeh takes bold stand: “My past, a testimony, not a Scandal”



Tonto Dikeh takes bold stand: "My past, a testimony, not a Scandal"

Many are shamed for their pasts, but if there is anything Tonto Dikeh knows about mistakes and the past, it is taking the positives out of it and moving on.

The Nollywood star-turned-politician Tonto Dikeh took to Instagram with an unapologetic declaration about her past, turning what some might see as scandalous into a powerful narrative of strength and resilience.

In a recent post, Tonto Dikeh addressed her followers, making it clear that she is not embarrassed by any of the challenges she has faced. Instead, she views these experiences as significant parts of her journey and personal growth.

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“I’m not embarrassed about anything I went through. What may be TEA for you, is a Testimony for me. If you want to talk about what broke me, invite me to the table so I can tell you how God used the pieces,” Dikeh wrote.

This bold statement has resonated with hardcore fans and followers, who admire her for turning adversity into a source of empowerment. Dikeh’s post serves as a reminder of the power of personal narrative and the importance of owning one’s story, no matter how tumultuous it may seem to others.

In a separate post, the Nollywood actress also had a word or two for those looking to drag her into controversial rows or question her life choices.

The post on her Instagram story is seen below.