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Stirred Reactions As 19-Year-Old Stumbles Over 167 Million Naira And Returns To Owner



A teenager identified as Jose Nuñez Romaniz  was recently awarded  after he returned $135,000 (N167,670,000) to the authorities.

The 19-Year-Old according  to reports had found the money next to an ATM while he was depositing cash to buy his grandfather’s socks online.

During the discovery, the young man had the voice of his parents, who raised him well in his head

He immediately got rewarded approximately R9 300 for returning R2.5 million to the authorities.

Businesses also joined in and gave him money and gifts.

According to the publication, at least three businesses gifted him $500 (N621,000) each, and one restaurant gave him a $100 (N124,200) gift card.

The authorities rewarded Jose with approximately R9 300 for his good act.

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