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Philippe Coutinho is a Liverpool Legend as far as Klopp is concerned



Flashback to January 2018, 5 years ago when reality dawned on Liverpool supporters that one Anfield magician had succumbed to the charms of La Liga giant Barcelona, and will be trading his services for the Catalan club for a record fee of E142 million.

The feeling of betraying stared every Reds fan in the face. So many reports were written, animated jokes made on that saga, with the pain resting deep amongst Liverpool supporters. Why would he leave when he was part of something bigger? Why would he leave in January when they stood a chance at achieving something that season?

The grudge lived on in the minds of the Anfield supporters that on the magician’s return to Anfield with Barcelona in 2019 Champions League semi final; the famous comeback that brought to the world the escapades of one Divock Origi, the fans never gave him the welcome he deserved.

But flash forward to present day, Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp doesn’t see it that way. He doesn’t see it how the fans see it; that Coutinho was a snake for leaving. In fact, the German welcomed him with full embrace ahead of the kick off at Villa Park in the Reds’ previous fixture, and right after it.

Klopp recognizes the Brazilian’s input to what the Reds are enjoying now. He was the catalyst. His leaving brought to the club success, as the fee Barcelona cupped out on him brought in the talents that greatly improved the club and the team, and took everyone to the next level; to a level where the world now speaks of Liverpool as a genuine contender and threat for titles.

Seeing Klopp, his coaching staff and the team share a warm embrace with the magician on his return to the Premier League with Aston Villa, goes more to show the poetry in showing gratitude for a magician whose little tricks engineered the rise of Liverpool. And as both men grinned afterwards, you have nothing but to say about the degree of respect all share for him.

To Klopp and the current Liverpool team and even the club as a whole, Philippe Coutinho is a Legend, urban myths will be formed around him as the modern Liverpool continues growing, whether the wider fan base as a whole do not share in such sentiments.

Coutinho is not the hero they wanted, but Klopp realizes he is the hero Liverpool needed.