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Arsenal vs. Aston Villa: Confirmed Lineup



Arsenal vs. Aston Villa: Confirmed Lineup

Arsenal versus Aston Villa is a statement final if there is any word like that as both sides come to blows at the Emirates.

It is a fixture that bears all the narratives; Unai Emery returning to the Emirates yet again with Aston Villa as they hunt ironically Tottenham Hotspur for the top 4 while they stand to dent whatever hopes Arsenal hold of a first premier league title in 20-years.

The Spaniard at one point once stood in the dug out of the Gunners following Arsene Wenger’s exit as manager, and now his Villa team could be all that stands in the way of Arsenal breaking past Wenger’s last triumph in the league.

Currently, the Birmingham side have luck on their hand after the 4-0 gift handed them by Newcastle United on Saturday when they dispatched Tottenham Hotspur at the Saint James’ park to ensure Villa remains in the top 4 even without kicking a ball.

And now, they stand a chance to finish the job if they can steal off points from the Emirates back to Villa Park to put a strong hold in the top 4 chase before Ange Postecoglou fights back next weekend.

For Arsenal however, Aston Villa is the one threat they stand wary of following their 1-0 defeat away earlier in the season at Villa Park. They can either rectify such folly or risk letting it overwhelm them once again.

Here goes the Confirmed Lineup for both sides;


Arsenal vs. Aston Villa: Confirmed Lineup

Aston Villa Confirmed Lineup:

Arsenal vs. Aston Villa: Confirmed Lineup