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Pastor Adeboye breaks silence, addresses 2023 presidential elections



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The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has shared a message to Nigerians following the recent presidential and national assembly elections held on February 25.

In his post, Pastor Adeboye emphasized that God is greater than any earthly leader, citing various Bible verses to drive his point home.

According to him, even though there are many great leaders in the world, the Most High God is higher than them all. He reminded his readers that the heavens belong to God, and the earth is His footstool. He also referenced Revelation 19:16, which describes God as the King of kings, and Daniel 4:25, which states that the Most High God rules in the affairs of men.

Pastor Adeboye then went on to discuss how God teaches leaders lessons when they become too proud or feel in control. He mentioned the Coronavirus pandemic as an example of how God demonstrated to the leaders of the world that they are powerless without Him.

He further explained that when an earthly king becomes stubborn and refuses to bow to God’s Lordship, He can deal with the person in two ways. The first is by shifting something in the king’s brain so that he would begin to act like an animal. After a while, when he has learnt his lesson and really seen who is in charge, God would then restore his sound mind and He may even restore his throne too.

The second way, he said, is for God to harden the king’s heart and then destroy him, using him as an example to the whole world that He is still sovereign. Pastor Adeboye cited the case of a military head of state in Nigeria who acted as if he owned the country, killing people and doing as he pleased. When his cup became full, God removed him permanently.


In conclusion, the RCCG General Overseer advised leaders not to let their positions get into their heads, but to always remember that God is the one truly in charge. He reassured his readers that God is still ruling in the affairs of men, and His dominion is forever.

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