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Oyedepo is a noise maker – Pastor Tunde Bakare blows hot



Bakare Oyedepo

Pastor Tunde Bakare has declared that he has no problem with David Oyedepo, the founder of Winners’ Chapel, but admitted they share different doctrines and beliefs.


The Citadel Global Community Church (formerly Latter Rain Assembly) founder stated this on Saturday while speaking on TVC about his relationship with fellow Pentecostal pastors in the country.

In his words: “Oyedepo and I are contemporaries. We were born in the same year.”

“Oyedepo was born in August 1954, and I was born in September. We are contemporaries, God has really blessed him and used him.

“We have differences in doctrines, what we believe, but that does not make us enemies,” he said.

“There is (a) difference between issues and persons. We can defend the gospel but those who do not and destroy it will die before their time. I have nothing personal against any man of God but I will always defend the truth that I know and I will always make it plain.”

Bakare added that he and Oyedepo were on a plane one time and another brother was coming over to greet him, but on seeing them together, he froze.

When asked whether the incident was before Mr Oyedepo acquired his private jet, Mr Bakare said;

“By the way, when he makes noise about his private jet of a thing, do you know that I once acquired a 1707 with the logo of our church on it? Are you aware of that? But we use it for business. I don’t buy a plane to be spending money on it, that I can jump quickly on another and pay little money to where I’m going.

“We can afford it; we are not envious of them at all.”

Speaking further on his differences withOyedepo, Bakare accused the Winner’s Chapel founder of twisting the truth.

Bakare said when someone “begins to twist the truth to make it funny,” he will speak out.

“It is a true friend that speaks true to his friend. Mantras will die before their time.

“When you speak the truth, eventually when the truth begins to rule, there will be no element of falsehood,” he said.

Mr Bakare also referenced an incident where he tore a book written by Mr Oyedepo in the open and when he was confronted, he said the book was full of errors.

He said: “How can someone say the anointing oil is not a symbol of the Holy Spirit? It is the release of God in the bottle. If it is told to few people so, it is okay. If anointing oil is the Holy Spirit, then Jesus is a lamb walking on four legs. They are symbols, and symbols are not as important.”

Bakare also spoke about his relationship with Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Church of God.

He said Adeboye signed his wedding certificate as his father and he built his first house on the campground being a favored son.

He said: “It is only bastards that use (the) left hand to point to the house of his father.”

Mr Bakare also confirmed that he was a member of Deeper Life Church for about five years before he went to the Redeemed Church.

“I don’t call those men my colleagues. They are my fathers,” he said, speaking of Pastor Adeboye and William Kumuyi of the Deeper Life Bible Church.

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