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I’d have been living in US since 1987 – Oyedepo slams Nigerians working like ‘slaves’ abroad




The founder and President of Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has lambasted Nigerians he says work like ‘slaves’ abroad.


Narrating how he had an opportunity to relocate to the US in 1987, Oyedepo noted that many are ordained to be employers of labour in Nigeria but are jumping from job to job in foreign countries.


In his words; “I had all the opportunity to be in the US in 1987 and move there permanently. I said ‘Jesus, what are You saying? Do I have any regrets for not being there? Never.’

“Many are ordained to be employers of labour in this country. They’re jumping from job to job in another man’s country.

“Slavery kind of job because they won’t ask. Jumping about as if that’s a prize-winner adventure.

“Everything is changing. You earn a degree in those days, you have to mention the country.”


The famous clergyman during one of his sermons at the Faith Tabernacle, Ota, Ogun State on Sunday also said such pastors have been taken over by the spirit of error, which is the devil.

He said ministers of the gospel should rather seek for the Holy Spirit, which is the spirit of truth than the devil.

“I was told that some Pastors consult native doctors to do charm for them to use for miracles in Church.

“Two young men met one of my sons in the gospel and said, “one took the other one to a medicine man to do charm for them for miracles.

“Hello: Ministry! For native doctor to do charm for you, that you will be using for miracles in the Church? It is as terrible as that Sir.

“Deception, if it were possible, the elect can be deceived. We need the help of the Holy Spirit to remain on the path of truth for life.

“Can you imagine Pastors consulting with native doctors! Say with me, “spirit of error” You can’t overcome the spirit of error without the Spirit of truth at work in you, that is the cheapest way to expose error. You must have at work in you, the Spirit of truth to subdue the spirit of error,” Oyedepo said.

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