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Only Crime was they were Hardworking Nigerians returning from Work



Only Crime they were returning from Work--Hilda Dokubo

There only crime was that they were hardworking Nigerians returning from work, Nollywood veteran, Hilda Dokubo spits as she blasts gunmen over the ransom placed on the recently abducted Nollywood actors.

The current insecurity in Nigeria is one Nollywood veteran, Hilda Dokubo is struggling to come to terms with, regarding the kidnap of 2 of her colleagues in the industry.

Taking to her social media platform, the movie star wonders if the criminals could separate fiction from reality to know that there hostages whom they are demanding $100,000 from in exchange for their release actually do not possess such money in real life.

She stated this in a recent post she made on Sunday in reaction to the ransom placed on the kidnapped victims of Cynthia Okereke and Cornel Clemson.

Only Crime they were returning from Work--Hilda Dokubo

She wrote empathically that:

“Nollywood is about moving from one level of begging for alms to save an ill or dying colleague to now facing the worse of fears over two of their colleagues facing God knows what in the hands of kidnappers!” she wrote.

“Where will we turn if not the public using our social media platforms? Well…Finally, the kidnappers have made their demands. They want money! 100k USdollars! From where? Unfortunately, they misjudged the financial status of the actors they kidnapped! And think that as it is in the movies that are how it is in real life. What a life!”

She further expressed her sympathies on the family and friends of the victims and wondered how such amounts could be raised to set them free.

Only Crime they were returning from Work--Hilda Dokubo

“Where will we get one hundred thousand USdollars from? God save all of us from this pain and give us your grace for this period. I know some actors paint the wrong picture on social media all the time but it is only in line with the “Show” part of SHOWbiz. Hopefully, you’ll understand what I mean,” she complained.

“I am pained because I know these two personally, have worked with them and I know the truth of how it is with them. Just been asking myself one question all day, How much does an average actor make in Nigeria?”

The news of the abduction was broken by the Actors Guild of Nigeria’s Director of Communications, Monalisa Chinda in a statement to the press after the incident had occurred on Friday.

In the statement, it was revealed that the actors never made it back home from the filming location at Ozalla Town of Enugu State, hence Hilda Dokubo’s statement of their only crime being they were just hardworking Nigerians returning from work.