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Odemwingie launches another attack on Peter Okoye



Former Nigerian international, Peter Osaze Odemwingie caught media’s attention on Wednesday

After accusing Kanu Nwankwo’s wife of chasing him, the former Nigeria striker also attacked Peter Okoye’s business.

Trouble started after Peter Okoye called Nigerians to join him in a new dance challenge for December.

Reacting to Peter’s post, the former Nigerian footballer wrote, “@peterpsquare you are robbing people in broad daylight with that your nonsense business and now you want to take even Christmas from them? You no dey fear God at all?”

On sighting the reaction of Odemwingie, Peter Okoye sent him a direct message and told him to get help.

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“Bro I tried to ignore but I’m so disappointed in you. If you are now close to God does not make you to feel others are close to the devil. I own a registered and licensed lottery platform just like every other individual does both home and abroad,” Peter wrote.

“But coming to spill this rubbish just because you feel you are now closer to God! Bro my music never brought you closer to this your God in particular. Bro, you have been brainwashed Period. You look sick and you need help.”

“Learn to mind your business and focus on that your God and your life. Disappointed.”