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“Not entirely true” — Fabrizio Romano debunks Pochettino rumors



"Not entirely true" -- Fabrizio Romano debunks Pochettino rumors

Italian Sports journalist, Fabrizio Romano has taken to social media to debunk the widely reported speculations surrounding Chelsea manager, Mauricio Pochettino and his future at the club amidst a troubled season.

Following back to back defeats to Liverpool and Wolverhampton Wanderers within days of sparring each on the field, Pochettino Out took over the media space, with fans asking for his sack and media platforms reporting on Chelsea scouting for a replacement.

However, the reliable journalist has taken his time to explain the facts behind the scene and why the reports on ‘Pochettino being sacked’ is far from true at this stage.

According to Fabrizio Romano, via his Facebook handle, the West London side are currently not planning to fire the former Paris Saint-Germain boss at this stage.

But the Italian also adds that it does not mean Chelsea will not move towards that direction if results fail to improve.

“The club is not planning to fire Mauricio right now but results have to change or he will be in real danger,” Romano explains.

The Italian goes on to add that the plan by the club is still to trust Pochettino with the management of the team, and if possible, assess the situation at the end of the season.

However, Fabrizio Romano notes that Chelsea’s trust at this moment doesn’t hold the mounting pressure on Mauricio.

In a latest interview with the press, the Chelsea boss also addressed to the press his current situation at the club and with the owners.

“We are altogether in this. That is the most important. They are in contact with me, everyday,” he says of his relationship with the club’s owners.

The Argentine goes on to plead on the fans’ patience, promising improvements to the team moving forward.

“The fans need to be patient. We need to find a way to succeed. We need the support, of course, we are demanding the support to the team, players,”

“I know the quality of the players. It takes time to build a team. It’s the reality.”

The ex-Tottenham Hotspur boss also addressed the results of the previous games, asserting his disappointment with the results and the performance.

“I’m disappointed with the way that we performed as it wasn’t the plan, the way we wanted to compete,”

“We need to keep going, we cannot lose focus after two defeats.”