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Northern journalist, Ahmad Isah who slapped the woman he was interviewing says he is human to make mistakes



Nigerian Journalist, Ahmed Isah has publicly apologized for his actions, where he slapped a lady in whom he was interviewing over an incident that involved a minor.

Ahmed Isah popularly know an’ordinary president’, is a Nigerian human right activist, journalist and an OAP. He is the founder of Brekete family, a non-profit reality radio and television program focused on human rights. A video which was trending few days ago, showing Ahmad Isah, slapping a woman whom he was interviewing on his TV show was aired by the BBC and has since gone viral, leading to a lot of criticism from what people view as an unprofessional conduct.

The incident which occurred on the Brekete Family programme, should Isah was interviewing a woman identified simply as Susan. The woman reportedly poured kerosene on, and set her niece on fire for allegedly being a witch. Upon interrogating the woman to get more details as to why she set the little girl ablaze and getting nowhere, Ahmad Isah lost his cool and unleashed a flurry of slaps to her face, to the shock of everyone present. Ahmad Isah has now come forward to issue an apology for what he did. He stated that he was driven by emotion after seeing the pain the little girl who was said ablaze was passing through. He also appealed to his viewers and everyone offended by his actions to forgive him.

See pictures from the interview below;