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No Imminent Threat In Abuja—Nigerian Police Allays Fears



No Imminent Threat In Abuja—Nigerian Police Allays Fears

In response to security warnings made by the US government to its citizens resident in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, the Nigerian Police Force has come out with a statement to allay fears regarding suspected terrorist activities being planned out in the capital.

The US issued a warning that, among other things, government buildings, houses of worship, schools, markets, retail centers, hotels, bars, restaurants, and transportation hubs could be the targets of terrorist attacks.

In response to its citizens being placed in imminent danger, the US government mandated the departure from Nigeria of all embassy personnel and their families.

The Nigerian Police Force (NPF) has denied reports that bombs had been put throughout Abuja, claiming that the city is safe and not currently under threat.

The Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), CSP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, provided the clarification in a message posted on Twitter on Saturday, October 29, 2022. The stories, according to him, were fake news that was allegedly sponsored to instill fear among Nigerians.

Adejobi further promised that the Nigerian Police would keep using all practical operational techniques to thwart the nation’s other criminal elements and non-state actors.

It was also said that such terrifying reports serve more to spread panic than to benefit the nation. The statement said, in part:

“It is surprising and disheartening to read in the news and on social media that bombs are being planted in every area of the Federal Capital Territory, even by some individuals who are presumed to be peace ambassadors and patriotic agents of national unity in Nigeria.

‘’I don’t think it will do our country any good to continually spread such fearful rumours to further create more panic among citizens and residents of the FCT and Nigeria at large.

‘’We still reiterate that the Federal Capital Territory is safe and there is no imminent threat, neither is the FCT being saturated with bombs as speculated in the news. We, therefore, urge residents of the FCT and Nigerians at large to disregard this fake news which was purportedly sponsored to create fear in our people and heat up the polity.

‘’We will continue to adopt all effective operational strategies to decimate the activities of non-state actors and other criminal elements in the country.’’

Nigeria has been dealing with major security issues for years, such as terrorism, banditry, an increase in abduction incidents, etc. Successive governments’ attempts to regulate the situation have had little to no success.

Another travel warning from the British government advised its nationals to “consider movements carefully, follow the local news and the advice of security authorities.”