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FCT Police evacuates decomposed body of lady found under bridge



A young lady’s body is said to be decomposing under a bridge in Kubwa area of Abuja on Monday by residents and the FCT Police Command has involved itself in the matter stating that the remains of the body have been evacuated and investigations has commenced.

A police source said, “At this point, we cannot corroborate the suggestions that it may have to do with ritual killing but unfortunately, there was a killing and dismembering of a human suspected to be a middle-aged female.

“The body was found alongside that of two dead animals and has been removed from the scene for necessary procedures according to standard best practices while investigation is ongoing to provide answers to salient questions.

“We urge the members of the public not to panic or spread panic by disseminating unverified narratives until facts surrounding the case is unraveled while the police remain on top of the situation”.

Residents had disclosed that the body was discovered around 10am by some waste collectors who went to dump refuse by the PV bridge.



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