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Nigerians voted APC not Atiku or Obi — Calling out the APC



Nigerians voted APC not Atiku or Obi -- Calling out the APC

How can the APC sought Peter Obi and Atiku’s ideas if Nigerians ‘rejected’ them both?

The All Progressives Congress (APC) in recent weeks have faced multiple criticisms online from Nigerians and opposition parties as a result of its handling of the economic crisis that currently faces the country they now govern as its ruling power.

And rightfully so, for a democracy to thrive, there needs to be accountability and a common ground between all parties involved; whether political or social, hence the need for debates and criticisms to rise in public forums when need be.

The APC being the elected power, stand to owe its citizens a response particularly when its order of governance starts taking a shift from the original manifesto given prior to being elected into power.

However, the ruling party rather than create a common ground to address the criticisms or acknowledge the problems their emergence as the ruling party has given rise to, instead chooses a more hostile approach in tackling any alternative viewpoint that brings to question their government.

Nigerians voted APC not Atiku or Obi -- Calling out the APC

To sum it all, the APC’s PR strategy is taking the approach of Us versus Them, whereby anyone that isn’t pro-APC, gets called out for being a nuisance to the government or shamed for even daring to question the government on critical topics.

The most recent attack is questioning the credibility of the PDP and Labour Party presidential candidates, Abubakar Atiku and Peter Obi following their criticisms on the rising inflation rate in the country.

To put into simpler terms; APC spokesman Felix Morka came on live television to challenge the opposition powers, and specifically its candidates to bring to table, ideas that could help the APC better achieve its manifesto to the Nigerian people.

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A noble suggestion by all accounts, but ironically and unknowingly, a total admission that the ruling power has indeed failed to live up to the promise they made to the Nigerian people.

It takes courage of course to admit failure, but where the irony comes into play is that Felix Morka’s statement wasn’t meant to admit that the ruling party failed, but rather to give an excuse of why they failed and why they should be excused for failing.

Nigerians, like the All Progressives Congress would say, voted the party into power by a large consensus of its electorates, to which they owe a lot and more.

Nigerians never voted the PDP or the Labour Party to take over power from the previous government that was led by the APC.

In fact, the APC were voted to continue from where the last administration stopped; an administration its party members largely applauded for setting a road map to a functioning political and economically stable Nigeria.

Now, the same political party making a round turn to call on opposition members of which Nigerians largely rejected, to share with them ideas that can help the APC achieve its manifestoes made to Nigerians, creates a paradox that becomes very laughable.

This paradox is something an audience would expect from a stand up comedian as a joke; a joke Felix Morka and the APC must agree has been made on itself and the Nigerian people.

The All Progressives Congress were seen as the perfect option to help Nigeria reach the ‘Next Level’, but them bringing the opposition to the table becomes an insult to the Nigerian people just after months of being re-elected back into the seat of power.