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Nigerian military rescues abducted students from LEA school Kuriga



Nigerian military rescues 137 hostages from LEA school Kuriga in coordinated operation

The Defence Headquarters reported on Sunday that forces had freed the kidnapped students and faculty from LEA School Kuriga in the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna, Zamfara State.

Approximately 287 students and faculty members were kidnapped by alleged terrorists on March 7, 2024, and taken into the wilderness.

Following that, their kidnappers demanded a ransom of N1 billion in exchange for their release, with a deadline of March 27, 2024.

On the other hand, according to a statement from Maj. Gen. Edward Buba, Director of Defence Media Operations, the victims were saved by the military early on Sunday morning with assistance from regional authorities and federal agencies.

Buba stated that the rescued victims numbered 137, with 76 females and 61 males, and that they would be transported to Kaduna before being handed over to the state government.

The statement added, “It will be recalled that, on March 7, 2024, troops received information that terrorists had stormed LEA School Kuriga in Chikun LG, Kaduna State. During the incident, an undetermined number of students were abducted. Following the event, the military pledged to do everything possible to free all of the captives.

“Accordingly, in the early hours of March 24, 2024, the military, working with local authorities and government agencies across the country, in a coordinated search and rescue operation, rescued the hostages.

“The hostages are the same persons that were abducted from the school at Kuriga in Chikun LGA of Kaduna State.

“The rescued hostages totalling 137 comprise of 76 females and 61 males were rescued in Zamfara State and would be conveyed and handed over to the Kaduna State Government for further action.”
The Kaduna students’ rescue comes only one day after forces recovered 16 students (Almajiris) and a woman kidnapped in Sokoto State’s Gada LGA.

The army turned over the rescued victims to the Sokoto State Government.

According to Buba, the military’s recent achievement demonstrates their will to rescue kidnapped victims around the country.

Buba stated that similar attempts had been made to identify individuals responsible for the killing of soldiers in Delta State.

He added, “These efforts demonstrate the armed forces’ resolve to find other innocent hostages and track down the terrorists that perpetrated these crimes.

“These efforts would continue until other hostages are found and the terrorists arrested, tried, and brought to justice by Nigerian law.

“Troops are employing similar efforts to track down the culprits responsible for the killings of 18 soldiers in Okuama Community in Delta State.”

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