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Nigerian Correctional Service transfers Bobrisky to Kirikiri over naira mutilation sentence



Bobrisky sentenced to 6-Months Jail term

On Wednesday, the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCS) made a significant move, transferring popular transgender personality Idris Okuneye, widely known as Bobrisky, from the Ikoyi Correctional Center to Kirikiri Prison.

This development comes in the wake of Bobrisky’s recent sentencing to a six-month imprisonment for Naira mutilation, following a guilty plea in court.

The social media influencer’s legal troubles began after being found culpable of mishandling and disfiguring Naira notes.

Contrary to online rumours suggesting otherwise, Bobrisky, often referred to as the “Mummy of Lagos,” is not currently held at the Ikoyi Correctional Facility.

Bobrisky relocated to Kirikiri by NCS amid Naira mutilation sentence

Reports indicate that the sentencing judge, in a ruling delivered on Friday, April, emphasized the decision’s deterrent effect on others engaging in similar activities.

Sources close to the matter disclosed that Bobrisky was discreetly transferred to Kirikiri Prison over the weekend.

Explaining the rationale behind the move, one insider noted,

“It is procedural that he is moved to Kirikiri since it is an expansive prison compared to what we have here.”

Additionally, the transfer was reportedly executed with utmost secrecy due to security concerns.

With this latest development, Bobrisky finds himself relocated to Kirikiri Prison, where he will serve out the duration of his sentence.

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